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Appliance Repair or Replace?

Appliance Repair or Appliance Replace Lancaster, CA
It's a good question? Your appliance has decided to stop working correctly and you're not sure what to do. Repair or Replace? You don't want to waste money on an appliance repair service call charge if you don't need to but you also don't want to buy a brand new washer or dryer or refrigerator or dishwasher or any major household appliance if yours can be fixed for a reasonable price. It's a question asked by thousands of people every day. 

I've been an appliance repair technician, in the Palmdale & Lancaster, California area, for over 30 years now and I've seen a lot of changes in the industry. Let me share with you what I believe you should do. These are my honest opinions of what I think is best for you. Please don't think I'm giving this advice because it benefits me. I built my business by always doing what's best for the customer. I have always believed that if you're honest and do the right thing, you'll be successful and everything else will just fall into place.  It's called Karma.


Reasons to decide to buy a new appliance before calling an Appliance Repair Service

1.  Your appliance is very old (over 35), or rusted out, or so ugly that all your friends & family make fun of you for still having it when they come over.

2.  You have so much money, that you don't mind wasting it on a cheaply made new appliance before seeing what's wrong with yours.  You'll feel better about having a pretty new appliance to show your friends even if it's poorly made and not as good as the one you're throwing away.

3.  You don't have this appliance.  Since you don't have one to fix, there's no need to call an appliance repair service to fix it.  They can't fix what you don't have.  This would be a good reason to buy a new appliance. (however, a good used appliance might be a better option)

That's It!  There are only 3 reasons to go right out and buy a new appliance rather than have an honest appliance repair service come out to your home to diagnose the problem with your appliance and tell you what it would take to fix it.
Please note that I did say honest appliance repair service.  I'm sure many of you have had a bad experience with a dis-honest service company and you’re afraid you're just going to get ripped-off again so why not just go out and buy a new one?  Believe me, I know there are many dis-honest companies out there but there are also a few honest appliance repair companies.  So now you're asking, "But Bob, How can I tell the difference?"  Funny you should ask.  I wrote an article on the wikiHow Site entitled "How To Choose The Right Appliance Repair Service In Your Area".  Just click on that link and you'll know how to find the diamond in the rough.

Reasons to decide to repair the appliance you already have

1.  It is a better built appliance than most (if not all) of the new appliances for sale.
2.  The cost to repair it is less than the cost of a new one.
3.  Reasons 1 & 2 are only valid if you call an honest appliance repair service.
So I guess you can tell how I feel about the new appliances.  When I got into this business back in 1980, quality meant something to manufactures.  Appliances were made to last and they were made simple.  It has gradually got worse & worse as time has moved on.  I'm shocked at what they are putting out there now.  One company that I have believed in and recommended for 30 years, I can no longer recommend when I'm asked what refrigerator should I buy?  (Technicians reading this that have been in the business over 10 years know exactly what company I'm talking about).
That well-know company is now putting out crappy refrigerators and the compressors are failing in less than 2 years in many cases.  I know you're thinking, "But Bob, why are you complaining?  Doesn't that give your business more work?  Yes it does but it's still wrong!! These companies know how to make appliances that will last but they won't do it because of GREED!!  I know there are a lot of technicians out there that agree with me.  Especially if they've been in the business as long as I have.  So, to sum all of this up:
Have your appliance checked out by an honest appliance repair service company before deciding to buy a new one.  If after you've discussed it with the technician, you decide to buy new, ask him what brand he would buy if he had to buy that appliance for his family today. 
Here's an example of what I would tell my customer if they needed to buy a new refrigerator.
Customer:  Bob, I need to buy a new refrigerator, what brand should I buy?
Me:(but you can call me Bob):  The refrigerator brand I've been recommending for many years, I can no longer recommend.  The brand I'm going to recommend to you is General Electric and this is why :( for the technicians who are disagreeing with me right now) I rarely see a GE compressor fail.  GE has other issues that happen but they are not as serious or expensive as when a compressor fails.  It's better having a refrigerator with a quality compressor more than anything else. (I just hope GE is still making the new refrigerators this year with quality compressors or I'm going to look bad here)

Note:  I just said GE Refrigerators.  Please don't go out and buy a GE washer & dryer.  They're junk!  (That’s my opinion GE.  I just praised your refrigerator so don't sue me for my opinion on your washer & dryer.  Just start making better ones!!)
What's Your Opinion?  I welcome any and all comments.  If you're a technician, let me know if you agree with me or if you're wrong.  Just kidding!  I'm sure not all technicians are going to agree with me.  Only the smart ones!  Just kidding again! ......Or Am I ?

by Bob Meadows

B&D Appliance Repair Service/Palmdale and Lancaster, CA

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